Lesson Plans

Weekly lesson plans will be posted each week. Lesson plans will include daily plans and weekly assignments. Students and parents may use these plans to obtain absent work, plan for tutorials, and complete all weekly tasks. Weekly lesson plans are subject to change as Mrs. Harris sees fit.

Lesson Plans for the Week of 4.14.14

Due to my impending maternity leave, below you will find a calendar for the final unit for both 7th and 8th grade which lists the grades that will be taken, when, and what each day could look like. It’s subject to change, but it should suffice as tentative lesson plans for April 21-the end of the year. Also, at this time it is unclear as to when maternity leave will begin.

Unit E 7th Grade Overview Calendar
Unit E 8th Grade Overview Calendar

7th Grade Important Papers for the Remainder of the Year (in case you lose yours or are absent)
7E SSR Creating Book Trailers
 SSR- Creating a book trailer (storyboard)
7E SSR- Creating a Book Trailer (rubric)
TS Ch. 1-10 As You Read
yellow list 20 activity 2
7E EA1Creating a Monologue
7E_Performing with a Purpose T
S Ch. 11-20 As You Read

Cumulative Stem Review Log
TS Ch. 21-conclusion As You Read
7E EA2 Narrative Poem

8th Grade Important Papers for the Remainder of the Year (in case you lose yours or are absent)
8E EA 1 Shakespearean Sonnet
yellow list 30 classic words
8E EA 1 Performing a Comic Scene
8E EA1 Performing a Comic Scene Checkpoint Worksheet C
umulative Stem Review Log

8E EA 2 Critical Analysis of Humor Revised
8E EA 2 Humor Analysis Cover and Table of Contents


3 thoughts on “Lesson Plans

  1. Could you possibly put up the big projects so that if we forget them we can print them off and join them with the other parts we have

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