Extension Notice

The individual reflection for the Body Biography is due Tuesday at the beginning of class, no exceptions. The Body Biographies themselves are still due tomorrow, Thursday, for presentation. You’re welcome. 🙂


8th Grade Count of Monte Cristo Annotation Journals

Here are the specifics for how to approach your annotation book as you read The Count of Monte Cristo.

  • Vocabulary – 100 vocabulary words – write the word, page #, and define it (daily grade)
  • Sensory details – 25 total, 5 for each sense – write down the sensory detail directly from the book (in quotation marks) and include the page number (daily grade)
  • Character Traits/Challenges and Choices – Choose a minimum of 2 characters to track throughout the book; for each character, provide proof of a minimum of 5 traits they have or challenges they face (and how they respond to those challenges).  For each trait/challenge you need to provide a brief description (it can be in your own words, or directly quoted from the book) and the page number on which you found it (daily grade). NOTE: THE MORE TRAITS/CHALLENGES YOU FIND ALONG THE WAY, THE EASIER YOUR BODY BIOGRAPHY WILL BE!
  • Double-Entry Journal – Should be completed as assigned. I’ll give you prompts, and you should answer them immediately.
  • Notes – Copy any notes I assign. (Together with the Double-Entry Journal, this will factor into your participation grade.)

This will be due upon completion of the novel in January; I will let you know the specific date as it gets closer.

Reminder: Take Care of Class Novels

Over the past few weeks, I have had to fix several copies of The Count of Monte Cristo, and a few texts have been found in other places throughout the school. Please remember that if a class novel is checked out to a student, the student is responsible for the book.

From the class syllabus:

  • Textbooks, novels, and other literature resources are provided by the district and are issued at the beginning of the year. Every student is obligated to give his or her books the best care. Students who lose or damage a book while it is checked out to them will be expected to pay for it.

Abridged or Unabridged?

Segment 1

  • Abridged: Chapters 1 – 15
  • Unabridged: Chapters  1 – 23

Segment 2

  • Abridged: Chapters 16 – 30
  • Unabridged: Chapters 24 – 47

Segment 3

  • Abridged: Chapters 31 – 45
  • Unabridged: Chapters 48 – 72

Segment 4

  • Abridged: Chapters 46 – 60
  • Unabridged: Chapters 72 – 95

Segment 5

  • Abridged: Chapters 61 – End of Novel
  • Unabridged: Chapters 96 – End of Novel