AFR Retake Test

According to the syllabus, students may earn the right to retest on major tests during a seven school day period following the return of their original test for full value of the retest. Academic effort in preparation for the test will be taken into account when determining student eligibility for a retest. Criteria may include all homework turned in, test corrections completed, tutorial attendance, and the completion of test reviews prior to the test.

Criteria to retest for the AFR Exam:

  1. Complete index card (due on the day of the exam)
  2. Attend one tutorials session to study or work on review materials (prior to the initial exam)
  3. Handwritten chapter summaries (2-3 sentences each, due on the day of the exam)
  4. Character descriptions (1-2 sentences or bulleted points for each character in the novel, due on the day of the exam)

AFR Test

The Anne Frank Remembered test is on Monday, September 17. We will discuss and review on Wednesday, September 12. Please see below.

Study the unit novel: Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies.
Characterization (be familiar with all characters in the novel: Margot, Mr. Van Daan, Anne, Mrs. Van Daan, Peter, Mrs. Frank, Mr. Frank, Miep, Henk, etc.)
Describe motivation for character choices
Major events in the novel (including a plot timeline)
Be able to draw conclusions about major events
On one 3 ½ x 5 note card, you may write handwritten notes on one side of the card. You will be allowed to use the note card during the exam, but you will not be allowed access to any other materials (i.e. the novel). No magnifying glasses permitted on testing day. 

Anne Frank Exploration

Created by: Lynnette Johnson Views: 1479 Steps: 8 Learners: 4 Updated: March 21

Description: Use this playlist to see a timeline of events affecting the Frank family, explore a 3D Secret Annex, find out more about the people who hid there, learn what happened to the occupants after their arrest, watch Otto Frank talk about the publishing of his daughter Anne’s diary, and discover what happened to your “Forget Me Not” child.