8th Grade Count of Monte Cristo Annotation Journals

Here are the specifics for how to approach your annotation book as you read The Count of Monte Cristo.

  • Vocabulary – 100 vocabulary words – write the word, page #, and define it (daily grade)
  • Sensory details – 25 total, 5 for each sense – write down the sensory detail directly from the book (in quotation marks) and include the page number (daily grade)
  • Character Traits/Challenges and Choices – Choose a minimum of 2 characters to track throughout the book; for each character, provide proof of a minimum of 5 traits they have or challenges they face (and how they respond to those challenges).  For each trait/challenge you need to provide a brief description (it can be in your own words, or directly quoted from the book) and the page number on which you found it (daily grade). NOTE: THE MORE TRAITS/CHALLENGES YOU FIND ALONG THE WAY, THE EASIER YOUR BODY BIOGRAPHY WILL BE!
  • Double-Entry Journal – Should be completed as assigned. I’ll give you prompts, and you should answer them immediately.
  • Notes – Copy any notes I assign. (Together with the Double-Entry Journal, this will factor into your participation grade.)

This will be due upon completion of the novel in January; I will let you know the specific date as it gets closer.


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