GT Game Night

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
from 6:00-8:00 PM
Cobb Middle School Cafe
9400 Teel Parkway   Frisco, TX  75033

We told you that you would love them last month, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive!  Our NuMinds founders, Justin and Ben, are back and ready to take on another parenting topic for parents of GT and high-achieving students.

Solutions to the Social/Emotional Puzzle
Asynchronous development, Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities, anxiety, perfectionism. You’ve read about them all (or maybe you haven’t). The menu of social/emotional issues more often found in our gifted children is long and complicated. In this workshop, we won’t provide a magical pill to instantly clarify these complicated issues, but we will provide some simple, research-based advice that will help you navigate the affective zone.

Additionally, you got a preview of Frisco Gifted Association at the last meeting.  Find out more about this exciting new opportunity for our GT and high-achieving students and families.  This is a great way to get involved in an up-and-coming advocacy group at the ground level.  If you want to know more now, LIKE their Facebook Page to get updates!

Finally, after many requests, we are adding the dinner element back into our program with the help of Frisco Gifted Association.  This is as a convenience to parents and students and their busy schedules.   We want to make your attendance at game night as convenient as possible.  This month, the meals will consist of 2 slices of pizza, a cookie and a drink for $4 each.   Extra slices of pizza may be sold at $1 a slice once everyone is served.  Please let us know when you RSVP how many people plan to eat & if you prefer vegetarian options.
RSVP’s for food should be sent no later than Monday, November 18 at midnight. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.  What kind of games should my child bring?
A.  The best games for game night are ones that require skill and strategy, not just luck alone!

Q.  What if my child is not identified as GT by the district?
A.  If your child would enjoy the challenge of strategy games or you would enjoy the topic in the parent program, we welcome you to attend!

Q.  Can siblings attend even if they are not GT students?
A.  This is for the whole family.  Preschool siblings must be supervised by a parent at all times.

Q.  What if I don’t bring a game or do not have a game that seems like a good fit?
A.  There are always plenty of games and plenty of kids looking for someone to play the game they brought.

Q.  Will there be a meal that we can purchase this month?
A.  YES!  By popular demand, Frisco Gifted Assocation has agreed to handle this for us!

Q.  Is it necessary to purchase a meal in order to attend?
A.  No!  This is offered as a convenience and not a requirement.

Q.  Do parents have to attend the parent program?
A.  No.  You may stay and play games if you wish, but most parents choose to attend the program.

PLEASE RSVP TO with the following information:
1.  Number of students attending game night.
2.  Number of parents attending parent program.
3.  School your child(ren) attend(s).
4.  How many will be eating. (FOOD RSVP’s need to be sent by Monday, November 18 at midnight!)
5.  If you want to volunteer to help with game night or with FGA in general, please let us know when you RSVP!  We are looking for committee members!


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