SAGE GT Game Nights

SAGE GT game nights for the year are planned out and ready to go!  If you thought game nights were just for students, just wait to see what we have for our parents!

Here’s just a preview of our parent programs:

  • Productive Partnership with Your Child’s Teacher
  • Top Tech for Brilliant Minds
  • Failure: Life’s Greatest Teacher
  • Bibliotherapy: 10 Books that Represent Giftedness & Fruitful Discussion with Your Child
  • Yup, That’s MY Kid! The 10,000-Foot View of the Wide Spectrum Learner
  • Vocabu Blasters: 5 Ways to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary Organically
  • If His Head Weren’t Attached: Ways to Support the Disorganized, Yet Intelligent Child.

Our first game night is planned for October 16 from 6-8 PM.  Location TBA!  SAGE will send out an update as soon as the location is finalized.


What do you think?

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