Paschal High science whiz, who will graduate at 16, mentors younger students

FORT WORTH — When Dominic J. Yurk was in kindergarten, his classmates were learning the alphabet but he could already read 100-page books and multiply numbers.

He went on to skip first and fifth grade, entering Paschal High School at age 12, and racking up titles and awards in science competitions across Texas. Now a 16-year-old senior, Dominic plans to attend the California Institute of Technology in the fall to study computer science and physics. He is ranked sixth in his graduating class.

And in addition to his own academic achievement, Dominic enjoys mentoring other students in the hope of sparking the same love of learning, he said.

“Throughout high school, I have pursued my passion to better my schools in return for the opportunities they have given me,” he said. “My goal is not only to mentor and excite younger students, but to create a culture of mentorship such that those students will support others in the future.”


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