Reminder: Take Care of Class Novels

Over the past few weeks, I have had to fix several copies of The Count of Monte Cristo, and a few texts have been found in other places throughout the school. Please remember that if a class novel is checked out to a student, the student is responsible for the book.

From the class syllabus:

  • Textbooks, novels, and other literature resources are provided by the district and are issued at the beginning of the year. Every student is obligated to give his or her books the best care. Students who lose or damage a book while it is checked out to them will be expected to pay for it.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Take Care of Class Novels

  1. What if the book was already damaged, the student did damage the book, but it wasn’t noticeable compared to the damage beforehand?

    • Well, on principle, I’d say you should replace it if you damaged it at all, especially if your damage, added to its previous state, made it useless for future classes. Books can be affordable, especially if you find a nice used copy at Half Price Books or on But you do what you think is right.

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