Duolingo: Learn a language or languages for free!

Duolingo is a free service that helps you learn languages with your friends while simultaneously contributing to translate real-world content from the Web.  Duolingo was created by a team of computer scientists, designers, and language specialists to empower language learners.

Some language learning websites claim to be free, when in fact they are only free to use for a limited time. Duolingo has a different philosophy. Their language learning tools are completely free, because while users are learning they are also creating valuable translations for the world.

This unique setup means that Duolingo is offered without ads, hidden fees, or subscriptions—Duolingo is 100% free, today, tomorrow and forever.



Understand: What does it mean to be gifted?

When parents think of their children as gifted, they usually think of high IQ scores, high SATs, high ACTs, high grades, and the like. But research shows that there is much more to giftedness than the academic ability and achievement that U.S. society values. – See more at: http://www.tip.duke.edu/node/1252#sthash.5ZELl1tS.dpuf


Reminder: Take Care of Class Novels

Over the past few weeks, I have had to fix several copies of The Count of Monte Cristo, and a few texts have been found in other places throughout the school. Please remember that if a class novel is checked out to a student, the student is responsible for the book.

From the class syllabus:

  • Textbooks, novels, and other literature resources are provided by the district and are issued at the beginning of the year. Every student is obligated to give his or her books the best care. Students who lose or damage a book while it is checked out to them will be expected to pay for it.

5 habits of great students: Lessons from top-ranked STEM school

From The Washington Post:

Many factors affect how well students do in school, but among them are how the students themselves approach their work and learning. Here are some of the habits of successful students at High Technology High School in Lincroft, N.J., which was ranked the No. 1 STEM high school in the nation by U.S. News last year.


Building Resilient Children

In an article titled “Building Resilient Children”, Peter DeWitt writes, “If we really want our children to be successful when they grow up, then we need to begin teaching them how to be resilient now. It might be hard and it doesn’t always feel good but the future benefits outweigh the present pain.”

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Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?

From The New York Times:

Noah Muthler took his first state standardized test in third grade at the Spring Cove Elementary School in Roaring Spring, Pa. It was a miserable experience, said his mother, Kathleen Muthler. He was a good student in a program for gifted children. But, Muthler said, “he was crying in my arms the night before the test, saying: ‘I’m not ready, Mom. They didn’t teach us everything that will be on the test.’” In fourth grade, he was upset the whole week before the exam. “He manifests it physically,” his mother said. “He got headaches and stomach aches. He would ask not to go to school.”

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When It’s Time to Cut Your Gifted Child Some Slack

From Psychology Today: Christopher Taibbi, who specializes in gifted education, writes: “I am standing in a classroom, a second grade room if the décor on the walls and bulletin boards is any indication. Before me is a small mixed group of parents and teachers, about 45 in total, some standing, some leaning, some seated in the too-small chairs. I have been asked to join this group as part of an information night seminar because the one thing all these folks have in common is that their kids have been identified for placement in this school division’s gifted program.”

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Creative Intelligence

From The Creativity Post:

 Greg Satell, an internationally recognized authority on Digital Strategy and Innovation, writes: “Albert Camus once said that ‘true art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.’ Henry Ward Beecher similarly wrote that ‘Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.’ You don’t have to look far to find quotes like these, because art is something we consider intensely human. Art and the artist are so thoroughly intertwined that we can’t bear to think of one without the other.”

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