How to Improve Your Grade in GT ILA

Are you disappointed with your achievement in GT ILA? Confused about how to earn a higher grade? Here are my top five suggestions for improving your grade in GT ILA:

1)    Study more. This is the obvious answer to most issues with grades in GT ILA. It is neither the task of your parents or your teachers to makeyou learn and study. You are the driver in the journey of your educational career, and success is dependent on work ethic. Simply put, you need to spend more time preparing and studying for class to expect to earn high grades.

2)    Stop procrastinating. If you find out about an assignment, quiz, or test, start working on the assignment or studying immediately. Do not wait until the night before the due date to cram. You need to prioritize tasks, set goals, and work to meet those goals for all of your classes. Each week, I write goals for each day, and I do not leave work until I have completed each task. Do not rely on your brain to remember everything you need to complete; use your agenda or make lists.

3)    Focus on learning, not points. The goal of this class is to learn, not earn points. Focus more on learning the content than trying to accumulate points. If you learn, the points will follow.

4)    Use online resources. I have a blog that will help you study and prepare for my class. Use these resources!! For example, if you need assistance with grammar, visit the Grammar page. Look through the links, and watch online tutorial videos to help you relearn concepts. If you are struggling with stem vocabulary, use the Quizlet link from the Vocabulary page on the blog to practice. While tutorials can help you clarify specific concerns, you actually already have access to everything you need to relearn concepts from your own computer.

5)    Review weekly assignments at least twice per week. The weekly assignments are posted on the board, on the lesson plans page, and on the HAC. At least once during the week, read through the list and make mental note of what you have completed. Take home materials to complete the other assignments. Each Sunday evening, review the list again. Organize your assignments and prepare for turning everything in on Monday.


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