“Ladder to the Sky”

“Ladder to the Sky” by Sheree Fitch

Do you know

If you try

You can really touch the sky?

Lean a ladder

Against the moon

And climb, climb high

Talk to the stars

And leave your handprints

All across the sky

Jump on a cloud

And spend the day

Trampoline – Jumping

Through the air

Climb a rainbow

And watch the world

From way up there

Then ride that rainbow slide back home.

 So you may share who you are with your peers and me, you will create your own “Ladder to the Sky” that I will post on the wall.

 Your ladder must include the following:

  • How you’re gifted (your strengths)—These are the supports of your ladder.
  • Any past achievements that will get you to your goals—These are the bottom rungs of your ladder.
  • Any current goals that will help you reach your long-term goal(s)—These are the middle rungs of your ladder.
  • A possible ISM area—This is a rung near the top of your ladder.
  • A college you want to attend and/or a major that will help you reach your long-term goal(s)—This is a rung at the top of your ladder.

 Also, you need a star/handprint/cloud (one of these) in which you’ll write your long-term goal(s)

 You may use materials including paper, poster board, wood, paint, markers, crayons, pencils, and beyond.

It must be neat and legible.

It must be creative and extend beyond the basic framework of instructions.

It must be larger than 6”X18” but smaller than 2’X4’.

You must create a sketch that includes what you’re writing, where you’re writing it, and what materials you plan to use and have it checked by Mrs. Harris BEFORE you begin construction. The plan is due at the end of class on Wednesday, August 29.

 We will work on this in class this week, but if you want to extend it beyond the materials/time that I can provide, you will have to do part of it at home. The ladder is due Tuesday, September 4.


What do you think?

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