How to Write Dialogue

Visit this link to see what we discussed in class–the experts reveal how to write dialogue!


“Ladder to the Sky”

“Ladder to the Sky” by Sheree Fitch

Do you know

If you try

You can really touch the sky?

Lean a ladder

Against the moon

And climb, climb high

Talk to the stars

And leave your handprints

All across the sky

Jump on a cloud

And spend the day

Trampoline – Jumping

Through the air

Climb a rainbow

And watch the world

From way up there

Then ride that rainbow slide back home.

 So you may share who you are with your peers and me, you will create your own “Ladder to the Sky” that I will post on the wall.

 Your ladder must include the following:

  • How you’re gifted (your strengths)—These are the supports of your ladder.
  • Any past achievements that will get you to your goals—These are the bottom rungs of your ladder.
  • Any current goals that will help you reach your long-term goal(s)—These are the middle rungs of your ladder.
  • A possible ISM area—This is a rung near the top of your ladder.
  • A college you want to attend and/or a major that will help you reach your long-term goal(s)—This is a rung at the top of your ladder.

 Also, you need a star/handprint/cloud (one of these) in which you’ll write your long-term goal(s)

 You may use materials including paper, poster board, wood, paint, markers, crayons, pencils, and beyond.

It must be neat and legible.

It must be creative and extend beyond the basic framework of instructions.

It must be larger than 6”X18” but smaller than 2’X4’.

You must create a sketch that includes what you’re writing, where you’re writing it, and what materials you plan to use and have it checked by Mrs. Harris BEFORE you begin construction. The plan is due at the end of class on Wednesday, August 29.

 We will work on this in class this week, but if you want to extend it beyond the materials/time that I can provide, you will have to do part of it at home. The ladder is due Tuesday, September 4.

Anne Frank Exploration

Created by: Lynnette Johnson Views: 1479 Steps: 8 Learners: 4 Updated: March 21

Description: Use this playlist to see a timeline of events affecting the Frank family, explore a 3D Secret Annex, find out more about the people who hid there, learn what happened to the occupants after their arrest, watch Otto Frank talk about the publishing of his daughter Anne’s diary, and discover what happened to your “Forget Me Not” child.

Young Entrepreneur’s Academy

“Twenty-four FISD students were accepted during YEA’s inaugural 2011-12 school year and were selected through an application process which includes an essay, short answer questions, transcript submissions, letter of recommendation and an interview.

Over the course of the program, students:
• Brainstorm business ideas
• Write a business plan
• Interact with business professionals
• Pitch their business plan to potential investors
• Obtain funding
• Legally register their businesses
• Participate in a Trade Show

Frisco was the first Texas city to operate the program, paving the way for other communities, such as Southlake and Argyle which are implementing YEA! this year, with Frisco as its mentor city. The communities observed last year’s class, which generated fourteen businesses, present their plans to an Investor Panel, resembling a younger version of the Shark Tank reality TV show.

Jim Gandy, President of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation said, “the EDC is proud to be a community partner in bringing the Young Entrepreneurs Academy to Frisco. Our business community is very supportive and encourages entrepreneurship ventures such as The North Texas Enterprise Center (NTEC), an incubator/accelerator program that assists med-tech and technology start-ups, located right here in Frisco.”

“We look forward to another year of working with our young entrepreneurs through the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and Frisco Independent School District,” said Gandy, “We are all planting the seeds of entrepreneurship with the budding minds of students as they learn the tools necessary for launching a business of their own.”

Registration forms: